The features and benefits of Graco’s new range

Since the late 1920’s, Graco has been one of the top providers of spray guns and premium pumps for the manufacturing, construction, maintenance and processing industries. Pumpline (Melbourne and Perth) are now selling the new range of paint sprayers, airless spray guns and other 2014 Graco products for all your spray painting, powder coating and [...]

Tips on how to spray paint

Obviously, when planning on using a spray paint gun you are looking to achieve a high quality professional finish to the area you want to cover. It looks so easy, surely! Well, it is, and much less laborious than the traditional paintbrush and roller. Following a few simple tips when embarking on a spray painting [...]

Choosing your spray painting gun

Spray painting is an invaluable time and labour-saving method of paint application. It is around 10 times faster than using the paint brush, 4 times quicker than the roller, and makes an easier task of painting deeply textured surfaces and hard to reach places. Depending on the purpose it is required for, there are several [...]

The difference between painting and powder coating

The short answer for the difference between painting and powder coating is the process in which it is applied, and the finish it provides. A surface painted with regular resin will have a smoother, finer finish, in either matte or gloss. With the vast array of paint types available now there is virtually no surface [...]

Tips on knowing your materials before you sandblast them

An American soldier-turned-inventor by the name of Benjamin C.Tilghman first patented the technique of sandblasting in 1870. Since its inception, technological advances have made the process more versatile, incorporating different technologies, from the original sand and steam to dry ice pellets. Sandblasting is to propel particles at high speed onto a surface, for the purpose [...]

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